Fossil Chephalopoda from the Solnhofen Limestone

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The animal class of cephalopods includes the extinct ammonites, belemnites and the squids that still occur today. All of these are known to us in fossil form from the Solnhofen limestone. The squids of the Solnhofen limestone enchant with their fantastic conservation, some of the finest details and the ink bag are preserved.

Order number # SOL62

Name: Plesioteuthis prisca RUEPPEL, 1829
Location: Eichstaett, Germany
Age: Upper jurassic, 150,8 - 152 Mio. Years +/- 2 Mio. Years

Size: Squid 28 cm, Matrix 47x21,5 cm
Price: 150.- EUR*
Description: A beautiful and very large squid of the genus Plesiotheuthis, nice details, great display. Slab was broken but professionally glued.
Status: availabe

Plesioteuthis prisca RUEPPEL, 1829 Complete view Detailed view Detailed view Detailed view

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